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Welcome to my website, my CV and my blog. My dream is to become a Digital Marketing master. Follow me to know what I can do for your business!

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What I Do

Plan to Win

Digital Media Planning is what I'm best. I can make a success plan to solve your business challenges. From A -> Z, whatever the products are, as long as you give me budget, I will tell what you can get!

Social Media Management

I can manage social media such as: Facebook, Zalo, Instagram, Youtube,... for your products and brands. Effectively measuring advertising performance then tell what your customer needs to achieve goals!


Lazada, Tiki, Shopee for me are the best ecommerce platforms to open online distribution channels. I know how to setup, manage, optimize them to get "crazy sales" on these platforms. I have experienced in selling clothes, books, foods...

Web Design

I use WordPress to build beautiful, powerful and helpful website for me and my clients. Please scroll down to see more about my products!



3 Years of Experience


2017 - 2019
FPT Polytechnic HCM

Digital Marketing

I graduated Digital Marketing major from FPT school. I learned all basic Marketing knowledges: Researching, Branding, Advertising, Trading...

But I upgraded my own skills by involving in many practical projects (Bánh chuối phồng Tư Bông, Blossom,...)*Please scroll down & click to see detail in my Porfolio.


2016 - 2018
ITP - Magiklab

Startup Learner

ITP (Information Technology Park) is an ecosystem for startup located in VNU HCM city.

I joined many startup competitions: CiC (2016 - 2018) etc.; projects (500sach, SkyX, Zecall...), short-term courses and workshops (IstartX, Microsoft...) in this period time. See detail achievement in my Porfolio.

I've learned from talent people here, they taught me: how to start a business; manage everything with technology and teamwork!


June 2019 to the end of 2020
many Startup Companies

Digital - Business - Marketing Freelancer

I established a freelancer team in June 2019 with 4 persons then started a challenging year by joining 2 startup companies. They're all failed in period of Covid19.

Don't get much achievement but I've learned a lot.

2016 - 2018
ITP - Magiklab

Business & Marketing Intern

I worked and learned from Magiklab - the incubator in ITP where SkyX's born (the startup project I directly took part in) (Click here) Connect people across borders. Products:

Gấu Tui Đâu, dating app to find ideal partner. Hellolingo, quickly find a partner to practice English. Ice5, Anki Flashcards, Exame, help you learn English grammar and vocabulary. (Some's still on CH PLAY and APP STORE)

We've reached more than 1 million downloaders and 500K users at that time.

2015 - 2017
Bach Khoa Event - Others

Event Collaborator

Although it's just a manual labor, I have a clearer overview picture about how an event setup and activation. Events I worked: HCMC Run, Color Me Run, Le Fruit Triathlon, Mùa Hè Không Độ, Ravolution Music Festival,…

Digital Marketing Skills

Tech & Business Savvy (Understanding in tools, channels, software, market)


Digital Media Planning


Build WordPress Website


SEO - SEM (Google, Facebook ads tracking & analyzing)


Ecommerce Management: Lazada, Tiki, Shopee


Basic design with Photoshop - AI - Powerpoint etc...


Soft Skills

Logical Thinking outside of box (Practical in Creativeness)


Planning & Management


Research & Data Analytics


Observation & Vision


Persuasive & Flexible


Pitching & Presentation



My Works - Click on these projects to see detail
Seafood Export USA-Northeast

Seafood Export USA-Northeast

Marketing Projects
Bánh chuối phồng Tư Bông

Bánh chuối phồng Tư Bông

Marketing Projects
Ludala – món ngon Đà Lạt

Ludala – món ngon Đà Lạt

Marketing Projects, Websites
Zecall – Consolation Prize at CiC2018 (ITP) – Second Price at GenX (Hoa Sen University)

Zecall – Consolation Prize at CiC2018 (ITP) – Second Price at GenX (Hoa Sen University)



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